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1st February 2021

Nuances of building Software to Scale

Time to Market Vs Quality

An eCommerce company got their entire portal developed through some freelancers and tested and deployed the same. The portal worked well for a week, but then it started slowing down until it finally crashed. Reasons for the crash were unknown to the company and the freelancers who developed it. It took us a two-week study to identify the software code issues and the WebApp Server configuration issues. Post that, the portal was up and live again and restored the business volumes.

It is pretty often that business requirements necessitate rapid development and deployment and usually, there are calculated risks taken to enable the launch. When these risks are related to security, scalability, configuration, audit tracking or others, there might be no mitigation plan to review the code and fix the issue.

So the question that arises is, what is more important? Time to Market or the Quality of the Code. We often discuss this point with the customers who come to us with these challenges. And more often than not, it just turns out that the basics cited above are compromised as calculated risks.

On an ongoing basis, when things are going well and the rubber has already hit the road, software upgrades and patches are not done in time which might again impact the software’s uptime and the business.

What is optimal in software?

  • They are coded with security, for example, OWASP top 10 security coding standards.
  • The Functional requirements like volumetrics are catered.
  • Technology Selection meets the business requirement.
  • Sub-optimal In-house customisations.
  • Stability, Performance & Security aspects are all addressed
  • Bug-Free Code – Customers sees what is right!

What if a Software Clinic could:

  • Fix quality issues due to inadequate testing
  • Identify and fix the coding errors which lead to frequent software crashes
  • Fix the configuration issues in the environment
  • Do a VAPT and fix your security issues
  • Configure your hardware and software and optimise it to work to scale
  • Suggest Architectural shortcomings and solutions to fix them.

As per our experience, these are common issues, and 33% of businesses fail due to them.

While the intent is never to build inadequate systems, quite often, the software's vision is compromised with incomplete requirements, wrong prioritisation, developing adjunct patchy software instead of fixing the core issues and, inadequate testing.

Not sure how you can fix the issues?

TTH Consulting Services can help you review and identify the issues, fix them and deploy them on a cloud of your choice.

What if a Software Clinic could:


Software Slows Down; Software Stops working; Software unable to handle peak loads; Software not as per the OWASP top 10 standards. These issues need to be fixed for business to run smoothly.


Whenever you face any issues, want to launch a new campaign, or scale up your business.


Software Slows Down; Software Stops working; Software unable to handle peak loads; Software not as per the OWASP top 10 standards. These issues need to be fixed for business to run smoothly.


Services Facilitation online or offline, whichever is convenient to the client.


TTH professionals will analyse the problem and present you with the best solution to resolve the issue.


Our team will diagnose the problem after thorough analysis and communicate with your team post identifying the root cause and present you with the solutions and alternatives.


Includes Review and Diagnosis
Customer needs to provide Environment and Code on Github


Fixing the issues diagnosed

Vijaya Vivek Kamath

Mrs Kamath is a Senior IT Executive with 25+ years of IT Industry Solution Management and Project Implementation experience.

She has participated extensively in System Architecture and Telco BSS Systems' design, managed multi-million dollar projects across the Asia Pacific region and been a consultant to the senior project and program managers for renowned telephone companies globally.

Recently, she worked closely as an M2M service provider in various eSIM use-cases like Device Tracking, Telematics, and Connected Cars, to name a few.

Over the last five years, the life cycle management of eSIMs has been contributing to M2M/ IoT systems and Operations, successfully handling over 100 customers.

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