"Unmatched Digital Services: TTH Consulting Services" by
The CEO Story India

TTH, a company established in 2012 by four industry colleagues with extensive and hands-on experience. The company is based out of Ahmedabad and has offices in Mumbai and Chennai.

The core methodologies that the company has adhered to since inception are to enable enterprises to:
i) Make and increase revenues,
ii) Save and optimize costs,
iii) Leverage their investments,
iv) Fix issues in their operations, and
v) Implement systems with quality on budget and on schedule.

Our tagline is “Retain Core Expand Boundaries”. We never recommend a rip and replace strategy to our customers, as there is tremendous investment gone into their IT systems. We advise on the best that can be done and that’s what has kept us in good stead through the years – a satisfied customer is truly our business enabler."

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