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TTH MASCOT initiative intends to harness the potential of our student community and the industry to match global standards and to make them agile and competitive.

Why MASCOT For Students & Colleges

  • Providing a window of opportunity for the students to work on real customer projects
  • Appreciate and implement the concepts learnt in technology via a practical medium
  • Placements for the students selected
  • Certification for the students work which could help in foreign university placements
  • Practical implementation of theoretical knowledge gained thru course curriculum
  • Access to Technology experts
  • Avenues to learn new technology areas
  • Participate in live projects
  • Certificates and probable stipends - earn while you lear

How MASCOT Works?

  • TTH selects a group of 5-6 students from the University
  • These students commit a 20hr window for TTH development during the week
  • TTH Trains the selected students on various mobility and IT courses via Online meetings and in person over weekends
  • Students will have a technical coach and mentor to help them with industry connects
  • Final Year Students have an option to be a full-time employee at TTH Consulting Services

Partnership with College

Mobility COE Vision

Other Offering

- Trainings to students on the following areas
MS Office Productivity Workshop
Industry Trainings
- Banking
- Insurance
- Telecom
- Manufacturing
Architecture Principles and guidelines
Solution concept trainings
- Business Intelligence
- Social Media Computing
- Cloud Computing
- CRM Processes

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